Welcome to Almeria Radio

Almeria Radio is a large community radio station broadcasting from the Almanzora Valley, in the South East corner of Spain.

The station itself was launched as a music portal in 2017 playing mainly 80s, 90s and chart tracks throughout the day. Many of the local stations concentrated on 60s and 70s and other large commercial stations concentrated on chart music in both English and Spanish.

However, there is a large community who demanded music from other eras and wanted some great shows in the evening.

The growth of the radio station happened during the outbreak of the Corona Virus in March 2020. A lot of people were feeling quite isolated and as a group we used the radio station to bring people together in a fun and interactive way. This included not only social media platforms but an interactive live comments section was launced which springs to life when the DJ's are live. With over 6500 comments in a little over 4 weeks (at the time of writing in April 2020), we are overwhelmed with the stations popularity.

We now have popular shows from seasoned presenters all volunteering in their free time.

We have commited during our spare time to developing Almeria Radio for the good of the community and its dedicated listener base. We will continue to offer a completely fun and free platform. We love the community feeling Almeria Radio offers.

Across the year we will be broadcasting live from our studio and also with live broadcasts from around the community and live acts from your local venues.

Our shows regularly reach listeners not only from our own area in Spain but from all over England, France, Belgium New Zealand, Canada, Australia... and even Japan and the Isle of Man!

If you love a bit of fun and want to be part of a close and welcoming radio community, where you feel you are amongst friends, tune in and join in. You'll love it.


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